NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Bold trades we need to see at the deadline

Bold NBA Trade Deadline Speculations for Championship Contenders
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New York Knicks can't stop, won't stop making moves

The New York Knicks just added OG Anunoby, but they're dipping back into the trade pool to pull off another big trade. What gives? The Knicks make another big move in this trade as we see Jerami Grant and Malcolm Brogdon move on to more competitive pastures. The two are currently playing meaningless game after meaningless game, for a 12-29 Portland Trail Blazers team that is looking to rebuild.

The Knicks say goodbye to Randle, which they should be more than happy to do so, as his effort in late games dwindles if he isn't the focal point. His body language is trash and he is unreliable in big games. Fournier's wish to be off the team comes true. Grimes, once thought to be a future franchise cornerstone, is now actively being shopped. The Blazers jump on this trade to acquire a 23-year-old wing and some picks to help facilitate their rebuild.

The Knicks acquire two game-changing players in this trade. Grant and Brogdon easily slide into the starting lineup to give the Knicks one of the more intriguing starting 5s in the NBA. Jalen Brunson, Malcolm Brogdon, OG Anunoby, Jerami Grant, and Isaiah Hartenstein is a great unit.

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The Knicks have already pulled off a bold trade with the Raptors. Here, they get even more bold and push all of their chips into the center of the table in the hopes for a Championship run. This move gives the team a lot of flexibility and versatility and they would be right up there with the East's best. The Knicks should continue to capitalize on their Championship aspirations and get this team two more high-level playoff-caliber players.