NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Pipe dream trade targets to help Thunder win a championship next season

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Rise: Strategic Trades Could Dominate the Western Conference
Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers
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Giannis Antetokounmpo, F, Milwaukee Bucks

For many of the same reasons as Anthony Davis, Giannis would obviously be a great fit in Oklahoma City. A Giannis-to-the-Thunder transaction would feel unfair. The Thunder should punch it. They should throw everything at the Bucks to make this happen.

Giannis is the type of player who can elevate any NBA team into championship contention instantly. The Thunder, in particular, could benefit from his presence. Theoretically, he would fit perfectly at the power forward position, flanked by Williams and Holmgren.

He'd provide otherworldly fits for opposing offenses and defenses and his fit alongside the group of SGA, Williams, and Holmgren feels perfect.

The Bucks have suffered first-round playoff exits for two consecutive years. With an aging and increasingly injury-prone roster, lacking in promising prospects and short on draft picks, the team appears to be in a rut.

In these uncertain times for the Bucks, the Thunder should leverage their substantial trade assets to acquire one of the NBA's elite talents. Adding a 29-year-old superstar could transform them into an unstoppable force.

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