NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Jimmy Butler trade offers Miami Heat would be forced to consider

Should the Miami Heat be open to trading Jimmy Butler during the NBA offseason?
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring 3 Jimmy Butler trade offers that the Miami Heat would be forced to consider this offseason if they came across the table.

Less than a month until the official start of the NBA offseason, the Miami Heat is a team that will need a direct plan heading into the summer. If they're unable to land a supporting star player early in the offseason, it could open the door to some bigger questions about their future - with most of them beginning and ending around Jimmy Butler.

In an ideal world, the Heat would be able to land a star player to help Jimmy carry the load or extend his championship window with the team. However, there's a very good chance that the Heat could miss out on a big acquisition this offseason again and will have to weigh whether it's time to move on from Jimmy, who has just one year remaining on his contract.

If Miami isn't going to give him a contract extension and they fail to land another All-Star level player to help this team take a big step forward in the Eastern Conference, the only true option left could be to trade Jimmy. While that may be an unpopular move for the franchise to make, there's a very good chance it could end up being the one way to drastically change the fortunes of this team's future.

The Miami Heat could be forced to trade Jimmy Butler

With that in mind, we break down three Jimmy Butler trade offers that the Heat would seriously have to consider if they miss out on their attempt to land another All-Star player.

Rockets Jimmy

Adding a premier young asset from Houston

The Houston Rockets are one of the teams that most believe will be extremely aggressive heading into the NBA offseason. As we saw through the rumor mill last year, the Rockets aren't afraid to make a bold move, even at the expense of their young core. In this Jimmy Butler offer that the Heat would have to consider, Houston would send Jabari Smith Jr., Steven Adams, and a future first-round pick for Jimmy.

The Heat would get a young and exciting prospect to develop next to Bam Adebayo and a strong, defensive-minded center to help their interior defense. They'd also get a valuable draft pick for the future.