NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Superstars that should be on the Golden State Warriors' radar

The Golden State Warriors may need to explore adding another superstar next to Stephen Curry.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Toronto Raptors
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Toronto Raptors: Pascal Siakam, PF/C

For many of the reasons listed in my previous article, Pascal Siakam is ripe for the taking. The Toronto Raptors just off-loaded OG Anunoby and there will be several teams lining up to inquire about the rangy, versatile star. The Warriors should skip the line and punch it. The Warriors could use another bigger forward on a team that gets shorter by the season. They currently have two players who are listed as taller than Siakam at 6-foot-8, and those would be center Kevon Looney and rookie Center Trayce Jackson-Davis.

So yeah, they could use some more height. The Warriors are not afraid to play small ball, and Siakam might just be the best option on the team for the small ball 5 minutes.

He brings a consistent defensive tone that pairs nicely with his offensive game. He's in the midst of another strong season, and he feels available. Yes, he is an unrestricted free agent in the offseason, which may rain on some potential destinations' parades, but the Warriors feel like a strong fit and one that he would easily re-sign within the offseason.

However, even if he doesn't, he makes the Warriors dangerous, and a dangerous Warriors team can do almost anything come playoff time. If "Spicy P" helps bring Steph his fifth Championship to Golden State, if he leaves in free agency I truly don't think it would matter - that in and of itself is worth it.

Siakam is also a great fit because he's been to a Finals before in 2019, and won it... over the Warriors. The Warriors witnessed firsthand how much of a dog and competitor Siakam is and they'd be crazy not to explore an offer for him. They have young talent to throw at a rebuilding Raptors team as well as several veteran players whose contracts would be used for salary-matching purposes. I think Siakam can be had for relatively cheap and if I'm Mike Dunleavy, I'm not (Dun)leavy-ing this decision to anyone else. They should pick up the phone and call now.