NBA Trade Rumors: 4 best trade offers that may be on the table for Lauri Markkanen

Looking at a few of the best potential trade offers that could be on the table for Lauri Markkanen.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Kings Lauri

3. Sacramento Kings

As the Sacramento Kings continue to look at options that could be on the table in an attempt to improve their roster, it's no surprise that they would have at least some interest in acquiring Lauri Markkanen. Whether they'd be willing to part ways with what's necessary remains to be seen. For any Markkanen deal to work, you'd have to imagine that Keegan Murray is a player the Utah Jazz would want in return. That could be a difficult pill for the Kings to swallow, but it could be worth it in an attempt to help the team take a big step forward this season as they try to keep De'Aaron Fox around.

After that, Harrison Barnes could work help the salary portion of the deal with Sacramento also attaching one future first-round pick to hammer home this deal. Even though the Jazz wouldn't be getting a collection of future picks, the lure of Murray could be enough for them to accept this offer.

The Jazz would get a young cornerstone in Murray and the Jazz would get a worthy supporting star in Markkanen to play next to Fox and Domantas Sabonis.