NBA Trade Rumors: 4 best trade offers that may be on the table for Lauri Markkanen

Looking at a few of the best potential trade offers that could be on the table for Lauri Markkanen.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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Spurs Markkanen

1. San Antonio Spurs

If the Utah Jazz are serious about trading Lauri Markkanen and the San Antonio Spurs emerge as a team willing to meet the asking price, there's a chance they could end up having the best trade offer on the table. They could center the trade package around Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan, as two quality young players who could still be improving as individual players. The Spurs could add two future first-round picks to help give the Jazz some added value with draft capital. San Antonio would then get Markkanen as a player who could help take some of the offensive pressure off of Victor Wembanyama.

The big question that the Spurs would have to ask themselves is how much they love the Markkanen-Wemby pairing. If they believe it's one that could take this team to new heights, there should be no concerns, and going all-in should be a simple decision. However, if they're not sure, perhaps there could be some natural hesitation.

If Markkanen does get traded at some point this offseason, there will be plenty of interest. The question is, will there be an offer be on the table that the Jazz can't refuse?