NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Bold offers Atlanta Hawks must consider for Trae Young

Exploring four bold trade offers that the Atlanta Hawks may have to consider this offseason for Trae Young.
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring four bold trade offers that the Atlanta Hawks may have to consider this offseason for Trae Young.

With the NBA offseason approaching, for some quicker than others, the Atlanta Hawks are one team that could be faced with the cruel reality of having to make a big change to their roster this summer. And from all indications, it seems that the Hawks could end up having to trade one of Trae Young or Dejounte Murray. If that ends up being the case, there's no question that the move that will bring the biggest return for the team involves a trade of Young.

As trading Young becomes more and more a reality for the Hawks, we explore four bold Young deals that the team may have to consider making.

4 Bold trade offers the Atlanta Hawks may have to consider for Trae Young

Jazz Young Trade

The Utah Jazz acquire a superstar partner for Lauri Markkanen

In this potential hypothetical bold move, the Utah Jazz would enter the offseason with the priority of finding a superstar partner to pair with Lauri Markkanen. An ideal target would emerge in Trae Young. If the Jazz wanted to make an all-in move for the superstar guard, they could. Utah has the pieces to make a strong move with a myriad of future first-round picks and a strong young foundation. In this deal, the Jazz would package Collin Sexton, Taylor Hendricks, and three future first-round picks to send to Atlanta in exchange for Young.

This move would certainly send shockwaves across the league and there's hope that a duo of Young and Markkanen could be good enough to make some waves in the Western Conference. From all indications, the Jazz want to avoid a complete rebuild. This would be a good way of doing that while also maximizing Markkanen's winning window.

With Young under contract for the next three seasons, this is the type of risky move that could make sense for the Jazz.