NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Game-changing targets the 76ers need to prioritize this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers add stars to bolster championship aspirations.
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Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets

Three-level scoring forwards who can create for themselves are hard to find in the NBA. There are seldom few in the league, which is why if teams can get their hands on them, they will. Enter Michael Porter Jr. of the Denver Nuggets.

Much Like Ingram, MPJ has the ideal size to play both forward spots in the NBA. In theory, his skillset also aligns well with the shooting guard position. MPJ is a dynamic offense force that has also found himself in the rumor mill from time to time. It's tough to gauge what the Nuggets would look for in a potential MPJ trade - a starter-level player and draft capital would most likely be the starting point. It's tough to imagine the Sixers have the necessary package, but that isn't the exercise here.

A trio of MPJ, Embiid, and Maxey would be formidable on offense. This trade isn't awful defensively as MPJ has shown in the past that he's more than capable of defending on the perimeter. Maybe a three-way trade seals the deal, but the Sixers improve significantly with the addition of MPJ.