NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Teams most likely to get swindled at the trade deadline

NBA Trade Deadline: Four Teams Vulnerable to Deals
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Team most likely to be swindled: Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers are undoubtedly going to look to improve their roster at the deadline. There are many options and avenues this team can explore to make a more competitive roster. To date, the Sixers have been pretty quiet throughout this trade rumor season.

The Sixers might be putting out an energy that they aren't looking to be too aggressive at the deadline, but that doesn't mean they won't be making moves. Any moves the Sixers make, you can bet that they will have to drive up the offer to get their guy.

De'Anthony Melton seems like a starting point. Jaden Springer could be included as a young asset. The Sixers also have several draft picks to up any offer made by any other team. The Sixers are a smart organization. However, this team has not been to the Eastern Conference finals since 2001. Eventually, they'll have to make a move to stop the drought.

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The Sixers are included on this list mainly because they have decent mid-tier contracts to trade. They have a few young assets in addition to a draft pick haul. They have Joel Embiid. His health is a concern and nothing is guaranteed in this league. Embiid is the best player in the NBA this season, all the more reason why the Sixers might be swayed into overpaying for a player to improve the roster.