NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Prominent deadline candidates not expected to be traded?

The NBA Trade Deadline Day is here. Let's jump into the latest rumor regarding a few of the most prominent deadline candidates.
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NBA Trade Rumors: Recent reporting seems to indicate that five prominent trade deadline candidates are not expected to be moved.

In less than 12 hours, the NBA Trade Deadline will have passed. Over the course of the next few hours, teams will need to scramble and work the phones if they have any hope of securing a deal before the trade deadline. Even though there's an expectation that this year's deadline won't be as active as it has been in previous years, that doesn't mean there won't be action over the course of the next few hours.

Over the last few weeks, there have been several big names that have surfaced on the trade block. And, in fact, we've already seen three bigger-named players traded in the last month with Pascal Siakam being moved to the Indiana Pacers, OG Anunoby sent to the New York Knicks, and Terry Rozier relocating to Miami.

Nevertheless, it is the big-name deals that seem to fuel the NBA Trade Deadline intrigue year in and year out. This season will be no different. Unfortunately, there are whispers that are beginning to surface that could suggest that the big-name movement may be done. According to recent reports, there are at least five big names that are expected to stay put beyond the trade deadline.

Have the big trades already happened?

At least for now, the likes of Malcolm Brogdon, Jerami Grant, Zach LaVine, Alex Caruso, and Kyle Kuzma are expected to remain on their respective teams.

The Portland Trail Blazers are reportedly playing hardball in trade conversations for Brogdon and Grant, which should come as no surprise considering how Joe Cronin operated during the offseason. With his season-ending injury, it was always going to be a tall task for the Chicago Bulls to find a soft landing spot for LaVine, and the asking price on Caruso is still reportedly high. The Washington Wizards are also holding strong in trade talks for Kuzma.

Whether any of these teams soften their respective stances before the deadline remains to be seen.

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That said, if you're still looking for some big-name deals, there are at least a couple of players that are expected to be traded before the deadline. Up to now, there's still an expectation that Dejounte Murray and Bruce Brown are good bets to be moved before the deadline strikes. Here's hoping that this year's deadline is more boom than bust. With the deadline just a few hours away, we won't have to wait much longer before we find out.