NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Ways Brooklyn Nets can beat out Heat, Knicks for Donovan Mitchell

The Brooklyn Nets have the assets to make a splash move for Donovan Mitchell at the NBA Trade Deadline.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring five blockbuster trade offers the Brooklyn Nets can make to beat out every other team for Donovan Mitchell.

At least for now, the Cleveland Cavaliers have not shown any willingness to even entertain the thought of trading Donovan Mitchell. Even if all signs point toward him eventually leaving in a couple of years via free agency, if not before through a trade. However, things can change quickly in the NBA.

In one conversation before the NBA Trade Deadline, the Cavs can shift quickly from buyers to sellers, with Mitchell being at the center of their offerings. Even if that doesn't happen, there will certainly be teams calling to make skeleton offers for Mitchell in an attempt to open up trade conversations with the Cavs.

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to be one of those inquiring teams. Interestingly enough, the Nets might have enough intriguing assets to beat any other plausible offer for Mitchell, including those of the New York Knicks and Miami Heat - two teams that are likely going to be the Nets' biggest competition for Mitchell.

In this article, we'll explore five blockbuster offers Brooklyn can make for Mitchell that are likely good enough to beat out offers from both the Knicks and Heat.

5 Blockbuster offers the Brooklyn Nets can make for Donovan Mitchell

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Trade offer No. 1

In this first trade offer the Brooklyn Nets can make for Donovan Mitchell, they could offer a package centered around three players that would help Cleveland remain extremely competitive in the Eastern Conference and two players they could end up re-signing in Spencer Dinwiddie and Royce O'Neale. Dorian Finney-Smith could end up being a fit next to Evan Mobley in the backcourt and would give Cleveland more flexibility as they continue to explore what Jarrett Allen's long-term future is with the team.

The Nets would then throw in two intriguing first-round picks. The 2027 Suns' first-round pick is highly valuable considering they have no current tradable assets on their current roster to improve in the next couple of seasons and their big 3 may already be imploding. Brooklyn's 2030 pick is valuable because you can't predict what this team will be in six years.

This is probably an offer that wouldn't be enough in a vacuum, so let's up the value with the next four offers.