NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Stars Brooklyn Nets could target as complements to Mikal Bridges

The Brooklyn Nets will be looking to make a splash move during the offseason as they look to build around Mikal Bridges.

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Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers

Heading into the offseason, Donovan Mitchell has to be considered the pipe dream trade target for the Brooklyn Nets. In fact, you can probably make the argument that Mitchell is going to be the pipe dream trade target for many teams this summer. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the Nets didn't make a splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline. That said, no one knows for sure if the Cleveland Cavaliers would even entertain the possibility of trading Mitchell. At this point, considering they're ranked second in the Eastern Conference standings, I'd lean no.

However, that could all change if Mitchell flat-out informs the Cavs that he's not going to sign an extension or that he wants a trade. I can't imagine he does either of those two things this offseason, but you never know.

In the event that the Cavs do open a bidding war for Mitchell, the Nets would almost definitely be one of the first teams in line. They have the assets and, in a vacuum, Mitchell could be the ideal No. 1 option next to Mikal Bridges for the Nets.