NBA Trade Rumors: 7 League-shifting deadline moves to add intrigue to stretch run

Seven NBA Trade Deadline moves that would add plenty of intrigue down the stretch.
Memphis Grizzlies v Brooklyn Nets
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NBA Trade Rumors: With the trade deadline nearly here, we explore seven league-shifting moves to help add a high level of intrigue down the stretch.

The NBA Trade Deadline is two days away. February 8 will be here soon enough and teams will no longer have the luxury to make trades for the remainder of the season. For any team looking to make a deep run in the postseason, the next couple of days could prove to be vital.

While it's impossible to predict the type of trade deadline deals that we're going to see over the next two days, it's almost equally as impossible not to speculate on what type of deals can completely change the landscape of the league.

With the clock running down on the trade deadline, we outline seven league-shifting deadline deals that could add much intrigue down the stretch.

Thunder Bogdanovic

The young OKC Thunder make a big splash

This seems simple enough. As the push toward the postseason begins, the Oklahoma City Thunder would very much benefit from adding a scoring punch on the wing, whether that is in a bench role or in the starting 5. A veteran who could come in and play a defined role on the Thunder could do wonders for a team that doesn't have much playoff experience on its roster.

It would also do well if the Thunder was able to find an offensive-minded veteran who could help take the pressure off of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in spurts. Bogdanovic is a low-risk move that could end up making a big difference down the stretch for the young Thunder.

I don't believe anyone would crown the Thunder as the favorites if they made a move for Bogdanovic at the deadline, but you wouldn't help but have to take them seriously if they made such a trade over the next few days.