NBA Trade Rumors: 7 League-shifting deadline moves to add intrigue to stretch run

Seven NBA Trade Deadline moves that would add plenty of intrigue down the stretch.
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Suns Bridges

The Phoenix Suns add a polarizing talent

Even though the Phoenix Suns are finally looking like a team that could potentially compete for a title this season, they're certainly going to explore all options heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. With a need to bolster their roster around their Big Three, it's been reported that the Suns could target Miles Bridges. Even though Bridges is one of the most polarizing players in the league and whether or not he should even be playing in the NBA is a debate is not the issue for today.

In a vacuum, Bridges is a talented player. And the Suns landing him would certainly add some intrigue down the stretch in the Western Conference. Bridges could be that final piece of the championship puzzle for the Suns as he gives them a consistent big next to Jusuf Nurkic and Kevin Durant. Considering the Charlotte Hornets are in a place where they are willing to part ways with him to close that chapter of their book, perhaps the Suns could get away with a deal centered around Grayson Allen and two second-round picks.

Adding Bridges would certainly make the Suns a better and, perhaps most importantly, more dangerous team at the NBA Trade Deadline.