NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Moves to help New York Knicks emerge as East favorites next year

What moves could help the New York Knicks take another step forward in the Eastern Conference.
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Knicks Murray

Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Before this past year's NBA Trade Deadline, even after making the move for OG Anunoby, the New York Knicks were one of the teams that expressed interest in trading for Dejounte Murray. Even though they didn't push hard for a deal a few months ago, you can't help but wonder if they'd be willing to revisit that previous interest. If they are, there's a potential deal that could take place between New York and Atlanta. And if the Hawks are still asking for two second-round picks, that's a price that the Knicks could pretty easily meet.

The deal is simple. The Knicks could send two future first-round picks and salary fillers in exchange for Murray. The Hawks would get their desired draft compensation and the Knicks would seemingly get a two-way guard that could play off of Jalen Brunson. Murray would help take significant pressure off of Brunson as another capable on-ball scorer and secondary playmaker.

In this deal, the Knicks' depth wouldn't be gutted and they certainly have the means to trade away two future first-round picks and not have it impact them all that much moving forward.