NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Moves to help New York Knicks emerge as East favorites next year

What moves could help the New York Knicks take another step forward in the Eastern Conference.
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Bane Knicks

Desmond Bane, Memphis Grizzlies

If the New York Knicks did want to set their sights a little higher than perhaps Dejounte Murray, there is a situation that deserves monitoring in Memphis. If the Grizzlies want to revamp the roster around Ja Morant, there could be a chance that Desmond Bane becomes available on the open market this offseason. If that's something that could happen, the Knicks are one of the teams that have the draft capital it may take to pry Bane away from Memphis. This deal is highly unlikely, but it wouldn't hurt the Knicks to make such an offer and see what happens.

In this deal, the Knicks would send Miles McBride, Mitchell Robinson, Donte DiVincenzo, and three future first-round picks. This would allow the Grizzlies to possibly get the center of their future, adding a stopgap at the shooting guard position with DiVincenzo, and add significant draft capital that could help them pursue another star next to Morant.

If the Grizzlies wanted, they could even make this a multi-team deal to help them find the star that they'd want to surround Morant with moving forward. It's a hail mary, but the worst that could happen is that the Grizzlies say no.