NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Moves to help New York Knicks emerge as East favorites next year

What moves could help the New York Knicks take another step forward in the Eastern Conference.
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Mikal Bridges Knicks

Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

With the recent comments made by Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai, it's not that outrageous to think that Mikal Bridges could end up on the trade block at some point this offseason. And if that does end up being the case, the New York Knicks could be at the front of the line. If the Nets do elect to trade Bridges, they're likely going to want significant draft capital, at the very least, as a return. Good thing for New York, that's exactly the type of offer that they can make. In this deal, New York could build a package around the myriad of future first-round picks that they have at their disposal.

In this specific offer, the Knicks could send Julius Randle (salary filler) and three future first-round picks to the Nets in exchange for Bridges. Brooklyn could still flip Randle at the NBA Trade Deadline for additional assets if they wanted. Bridges would give the Knicks stability on the wing and another dynamic offensive player who could ease the pressure off of Jalen Brunson every night.

Bridges would be able to fall back into a supporting role that he excelled in during his tenure in Phoenix and could emerge as a perfect fit in New York.