NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Offseason moves that make too much sense not to happen

There are a few offseason moves that make too much sense to not be explored this summer.
Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards
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Mikal Bridges to the New York Knicks

After nearly making it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals, the New York Knicks have to feel as if they are one splash move away from truly breaking through in the Eastern Conference. The question that New York will be tasked with all offseason long is whether or not that move will be available to them before the start of the 2024–25 NBA season. Looking across the league, I can't help but think how Mikal Bridges would fit almost seamlessly on the Knicks.

Looking at New York's roster, and what they theoretically need, Bridges would check a lot of those boxes. He'd be an enormous help for Jalen Brunson on the offensive end of the floor and would solve their lack of depth issues on the wing - not to mention that he is a solid defender in his own right. The interesting part of this all is that New York also has the assets to get a deal for Bridges done. The question is, would the Brooklyn Nets be a willing participant?

Once Brooklyn becomes at the very least open to the possibility of moving Bridges, that's when the Knicks could close the deal with a potential Godfather trade offer, which would be centered by a plethora of future first round picks.