NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Offseason moves that make too much sense not to happen

There are a few offseason moves that make too much sense to not be explored this summer.
Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards
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Paul George to the Philadelphia 76ers

Heading into the NBA offseason, Paul George is considered to be one of the big-name free agents that could end up leaving his current team. At this point, there is plenty of buzz surrounding that possibility. At the top of the list of his potential suitors is the Philadelphia 76ers. And at least from an on-the-court perspective, PG making the move to Philadelphia to play alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey makes a ton of basketball sense for both sides.

At this point in his career, PG is looking to break through and win his first NBA Championship. Whether he's willing to believe it or not, that is unlikely to happen in LA. PG could decide to give himself a better opportunity in the Eastern Conference with the Sixers. Philadelphia, who has successfully cleared their cap sheet to pusue an All-Star player via free agency or trade, has to have PG near the top of their offseason wishlist.

If PG does leave the Clippers, I'd imagine the Sixers are going to be the landing spot. The only real question is whether or not PG actually wants to leave the West Coast at this stage of his career.