NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Stars Miami Heat must pursue if Jimmy Butler is traded

How could the Miami Heat pivot if they end up parting ways with Jimmy Butler via trade this offseason?
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring seven star players the Miami Heat could pursue if Jimmy Butler ends up being traded this offseason.

Over the last few weeks, the noise surrounding a potential divorce between the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler has only grown louder and louder. At this point, a trade of Jimmy heading into the offseason has to be at a non-zero mark. Whether or not it ends up happening remains to be seen but generally in the NBA, where there's smoke there's a fire. And of late, there has been plenty of smoke revolving around Jimmy's future in Miami.

If the Heat, for one reason or another, does end up trading Jimmy, it would only be natural for the team to already have some sort of backup plan in place that will likely include pivoting toward another star target via trade. If this perfect storm ends up developing this offseason, we explore seven star trade targets that the Heat could already have in mind to pursue in the event that they must trade Jimmy this summer.

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

If the Miami Heat does end up trading away, Jimmy Butler, one natural target that could arise for this team is Trae Young. Under the assumption that the Atlanta Hawks are going to trade one of their star players, Young could emerge as somewhat of a discounted All-Star on the trade market.

As a player who would be a great fit next to Bam Adebayo, it would be insane for the Heat to not consider such a move if they do end up pivoting toward a retooling of the roster this offseason.