NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Stars Miami Heat must pursue if Jimmy Butler is traded

How could the Miami Heat pivot if they end up parting ways with Jimmy Butler via trade this offseason?
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Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

If there's one player that could end up hitting the trade block this summer that could realistically replace Jimmy Butler almost to a T for the Miami Heat, it's Brandon Ingram. As a player who hasn't gotten his full credit for how impactful and effective he's been over the last few seasons, Ingram is one of the most underrated wings in the league. Putting Ingram in the Miami Heat system could only pay dividends as he heads into a new phase of his career.

Ingram's skill set would also help fulfill what the Heat has missed over the last few seasons in terms of a dynamic offensive player who can get his shot off at any given moment. The big question that the Heat could have is whether or not Ingram is worth giving a max contract extension to.

That's what he's seeking on the open market and one of the biggest reasons why he's likely to be traded this offseason is because the Pelicans aren't at a place where they're ready to commit that much to Ingram. If the Heat doesn't have a problem with that, he is certainly a target that could emerge this summer for the team.