NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Trades even more likely to happen after draft lottery results

There are six offseason trades that might've become more likely after the somewhat shocking NBA Draft Lottery results.
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The Detroit Pistons' impatience will lead toward a win-now move

Aside from the Washington Wizards, the Detroit Pistons were the other team with a 14 percent chance to earn the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. But unlike the Wizards, who will be selecting No. 2 overall, the Pistons took a huge fall on lottery night. Instead of selecting in the top 2, the Pistons will be picking fifth overall. The Pistons finished with the worst record in the NBA and won't have much to show for it entering the 2024 NBA Draft. In not a deep draft, picking No. 5 overall can be compared to picking outside the top 10 in many other drafts.

In short, the Pistons were royally screwed. And because of that, I do believe that some impatience is going to appear for the Pistons at some point this summer - to the extent that they're likely going to lean toward making a win-now move that could be considered rash by some. The big question is whether it will come in free agency or via trade.

Two players that could be on the team's radar this offseason that they've already been linked to are Tobias Harris and Zach LaVine. There's a chance that either of those moves could be considered a big mistake.