NBA Trade Rumors: 8 Big names that will drive the offseason trade market

Predicting the eight big names that will end up driving the NBA offseason trade market.
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Tyler Herro, Miami Heat

To say the least, it's been an up-and-down year for the Miami Heat. After coming off, another unlikely run to the NBA Finals, the hope was that this team could find the final piece of the championship puzzle heading into the last offseason. As history would remember, that didn't exactly play out as planned for the Heat.

Instead of landing, a final piece of a championship puzzle, Miami missed out on Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal during the offseason. Those two whiffs have had the impact you would have imagined so far this year for Miami. The Heat have been consistently inconsistent this season and are likely going to have their work cut out for them once again if they manage to qualify for the playoffs.

At best, the Heat is going to enter the playoffs as the sixth seed, and in a most likely scenario, they're going to have to win their way into the playoffs via the Play-In Tournament. Short of another unlikely playoff run, the Heat will likely head into this next offseason with some big questions to answer.

Ultimately, when I think of where this franchise is, including their desire to win a championship in the Jimmy Butler build, I still feel as if all roads will lead to a Tyler Herro trade this offseason. I imagine he's going to be a big name and player in the trade market this summer.