NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls looking to blow up rest of roster with 2 key moves

The Chicago Bulls are still looking to make two big moves this offseason.
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
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NBA Trade Rumors: Heading into the remainder of the NBA offseason, the Chicago Bulls will have one goal in mind - continuing to blow up their roster.

For better or worse, the Chicago Bulls have been quite active to start the NBA offseason. The biggest move that they've made thus far revolves around trading Alex Caruso to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Josh Giddey. While there have been some hesitations on the Bulls opting to land a difference-making player over draft capital, the team clearly views Giddey as a potential foundational piece for the future.

But the Bulls can't completely walk into that future until they officially close the door on the past. And part of doing that involves moving on from two key players from the previous build. Heading into the next phase of the offseason, that appears to be a priority for Chicago.

The Chicago Bulls want to lean completely into their rebuild

According to a recent report, the Bulls are looking to continue to blow up their roster by trying to "dump" the contracts of Lonzo Ball and Zach LaVine. While that may seem simple enough, this could end up being a near-impossible move for the Bulls to pull off. With how much LaVine's trade value has reportedly tanked, there's a good chance that if Chicago is able to trade him, it will require them to attach a first-round pick.

The same could be said about Ball, who may or may not be healthy enough to play at any point this season. The only advantage that Chicago could have with trading Ball is the fact that he's an expiring contract. That's not the case for LaVine, who has up to three years and $138 million left on his contract.

Nevertheless, this is the difficult task that the Bulls are faced with heading into the rest of the offseason. I'd imagine these two moves are going to be a priority for Chicago. Whether they could get it done remains to be seen but the Bulls are at least going to try to get this done before the start of the 2024-25 season.

The last thing Chicago needs is to carry this burden on their shoulders heading into the start of the season. Having one step still in the previous build isn't going to help their new pivot. The question is, how reasonable is it for Chicago to expect to trade Ball and/or LaVine this offseason?

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