NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 12 stars most likely to be moved in the next trade season

What will the next trade season look like in the NBA? We try to paint a picture of it before the offseason arrives.
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Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

As we touched on before, there's a very real chance that the Atlanta Hawks lean into a complete rebuild this offseason. But even if the Hawks pivot toward a retooling of the roster, there's a scenario in which they choose to build with Dejounte Murray and not Trae Young. In that event, the Hawks would trade Young this offseason and try to retool on the fly with the pieces they get in exchange and keep Murray on the roster.

This may not be a popular path forward considering Young, in a vacuum, is the better player, but perhaps the Hawks are ready for such a change. Either way, it's hard to deny that the whispers surrounding a potential Young trade are real. Whether or not they equate to actual trade discussions this offseason remains to be seen.

If the Hawks do make Young available for trade this offseason, it would send shockwaves across the league. There's a possibility that Young will end up headlining the trade season this summer. Because of that plausible scenario, all eyes will be squarely on the Hawks over these next few months.