NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 5 Teams most likely to land Zach LaVine this offseason

The Chicago Bulls appear primed to trade Zach LaVine heading into the NBA offseason.
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Philadelphia 76ers

Even though the Philadelphia 76ers are going to have other potential star trade targets on their wishlist much higher than Zach LaVine, I still wouldn't put it past the team to explore their options on this front. If the Sixers end up missing out on the likes of Paul George, LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, and Brandon Ingram, would LaVine be that disappointing of an addition this offseason? The Sixers have to make an upgrade to their roster and LaVine is probably one that would end up costing the least in terms of assets they'd have to part ways with.

Because of that, it should at least push the Sixers in a way where they could be open to a potential trade of LaVine. At the very least, they should discuss what that could end up looking like in the long run. A trio of Tyrese Maxey, LaVine, and Embiid could fit nicely together and the rest of the supporting cast could be built around defense and rebounding.

LaVine may not be an ideal acquisition this offseason but the narrative around him has also gotten out of control. LaVine is not a negative player in the NBA and would be a great No. 3 option for a playoff team. Maybe the Sixers agree with that?

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