NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting 8 trade scenarios that would shake up the 2024 NBA Draft

Exploring eight trade scenarios that would shake up the 2024 NBA Draft.
Toronto Raptors v Miami Heat
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NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting eight bold trade ideas that would effectively shake up the 2024 NBA Draft.

Even though there are many that are "down" on the 2024 NBA Draft, it still marks the official start of the offseason. That alone brings its own level of intrigue. But on draft night, the draw will go well beyond just the prospects that are making the jump to the NBA. It extends to a possible surprise move or two that could go down via trade.

In fact, there's an argument to be made that the NBA Draft is a breeding ground for the official start of trade season. This year will be no different. Looking ahead to what could happen on draft night, we explore eight potential trade scenarios that could make an already eventful night a chaotic one.

The New Orleans Pelicans trade Brandon Ingram

By the time the 2024 NBA Draft rolls around, we’re gonna have a good idea if the New Orleans Pelicans are going to move forward with trading, or at least shopping, Brandon Ingram. If that's a path the Pelicans end up taking, it would be smart of them to start a potential bidding war for Ingram on draft night.

And if that does happen, there is a very good chance that New Orleans could end up trading Ingram on draft night. If the Pelicans want to get a greater idea of what their offseason is going to look like, it would do the team well to move on from Ingram, if that’s what they truly want to do, fairly quickly. Ideally, that would be a draft night surprise.