NBA Trade Rumors: Predicting the 4 most likely landing spots for Dejounte Murray

Predicting where Dejounte Murray lands if moved at the NBA Trade Deadline could be difficult.
Atlanta Hawks v Orlando Magic
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Toronto Raptors

Over the next few weeks, I have a sense that the rumblings involving a possible Dejounte Murray trade to the Toronto Raptors are going to gain some steam. NBA insider Chris Haynes most recently gave voice to that possibility in a recent podcast. Considering the Atlanta Hawks' long-reported interest in Pascal Siakam and the Raptors' asking price of a young player over draft capital, it's a swap that could make sense.

Perhaps the only potential hurdle that could arise in a possible Siakam-for-Murray swap is the fact that Toronto just made the move for Immanuel Quickley and they're likely going to give him a huge extension during the offseason. I'm not sure the Raptors made the move for Quickley with the idea of letting him walk in restricted free agency.

However, if they do believe that the quartet of Scottie Barnes, Murray, Quickley, and RJ Barrett could work together as a young core, perhaps this is a potential deal that the Raptors begin to warm up to heading into the trade deadline.

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At the very least, the Raptors are certainly a team on the radar for Murray. Whether it's a deal that comes together still remains to be seen.