NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 14 least to most realistic trade targets for 76ers

How many realistic trade targets are going to be on the open market for the Philadelphia 76ers this summer?
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4. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

He may not be considered the hottest free agent expected to hit the open market but there's likely going to be a handful of teams interested in his services this summer. And when it comes to a pursuit of Klay Thompson, I can't help but think that the Philadelphia 76ers should be at least somewhat interested. Even though he may no longer be in the prime of his career, he could be an intriguing third option for the team next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. If the Sixers believe that Thompson has anything left in the tank, he could be an inviting option.

Having Thompson's shooting ability next to Embiid and Maxey would be a cheat code. The issue with this potential move is whether or not the Sixers would want to invest what would be necessary to land Thompson. Even though he's at the latter stages of his career, Thompson will not be cheap. And that's something the Sixers, considering his injury history, could be turned off by.

But if Thompson does end up parting ways with the Golden State Warriors, the Sixers would be one of the teams that theoretically would make the most sense. The question is, would the two sides be able to find a sensible middle ground?