NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 7 best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

Which teams can make the best potential trade offers for Donovan Mitchell?
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4. Los Angeles Lakers

It's been reported that Donovan Mitchell is going to emerge as the No. 1 priority or target for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the offseason. If Mitchell does end up on the trade block, it's natural that the Lakers are going to be extremely interested in a trade. And the Lakers could probably put together a pretty intriguing package that Cleveland would have to consider. It would begin with including Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura. As two players who could certainly help the Cavs remain competitive in the Eastern Conference, Reeves and Hachimura would be sensible cornerstones of any package.

To add some icing to this deal, the Lakers could include up to three future first-round picks, two of which would be increasingly valuable as they would likely come in the post-LeBron James era for the Lakers.

With this type of package, the Lakers are likely going to be able to land an All-Star talent this summer. The big question is whether this trade offer would be enough for the Lakers to land Mitchell from the Cavs?