NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking 8 least to most plausible trade targets for Lakers

Beginning to look at a few potential trade options for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the offseason.
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5. Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers

Even though there seems to be a "growing sentiment" that Donovan Mitchell could be preparing to sign a long-term extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers, I still believe he's going to be the one All-Star player that most teams are going to have their eyes on. Until Mitchell puts pen to paper, Mitchell is going to be a player that many teams across the league are going to dream about. And the Los Angeles Lakers are one of them. It was recently reported that the Lakers have Mitchell as their No. 1 priority heading into the offseason, over a player like Trae Young.

If the Lakers are able to swing a trade for Mitchell, it could pay huge dividends for the team both in the short and long term. Mitchell would help the Lakers win a championship in the LeBron window and would give Los Angeles building blocks even after LeBron calls it a career.

In a perfect world, the Lakers would be able to add Mitchell this offseason and would be set for the next 3-5 seasons. The question is, will this perfect scenario come to full fruition for the Lakers? And would Mitchell even want to relocate to the West Coast?