NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking each team's 3 most valuable trade assets heading into the offseason

What are the best trade assets that each team has to offer heading into the NBA offseason?
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Philadelphia 76ers

Top trade assets:
1. Rights to 16th overall pick in 2024 NBA Draft
2. 2030 1st Round Pick
3. 2028 1st Round Pick

The Philadelphia 76ers are equipped with plenty of draft capital to help them make a splash trade this offseason. However, if there's one critique about the Sixers' trade assets heading into the summer, it's that they don't have many options to trade players to help get a deal done. It'll be interesting to see how that impacts Philadelphia's path toward upgrading their roster over the next few months. On paper, their first-round draft picks could be enough to help them land an All-Star talent. However, alone, these picks aren't that valuable in a vacuum.

At the top, I suppose the 16th overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft is their best trade piece on its own. It's nearly a lottery pick and is likely going to be the highest pick the Sixers have in the NBA Draft for a while - assuming they're able to add another strong piece to their core this offseason.

That's why the next best trade assets are likely future first-round picks that come 4-5 years down the line. At that point, Joel Embiid could be retired or on another team, and the Sixers could be rebuilding.