NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs surprisingly interested in move for veteran big man

The San Antonio Spurs could be in the market for a veteran big to play opposite of Victor Wembanyama.
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NBA Trade Rumors: The San Antonio Spurs could surprisingly be interested in making a move for veteran big man Brook Lopez.

After selecting Stephon Castle with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs are hoping they have found the long-term answer at the point guard position. That said, heading into the thick of the NBA offseason, there could still be a few boxes for the Spurs to check. One of them could include finding a veteran big man to play opposite or even alongside Victor Wembanyama.

In a somewhat surprising fashion, the Spurs are a team who have been linked to veteran big man Brook Lopez as the Milwaukee Bucks prepare to explore his trade market this summer. In an attempt to shake up their roster, it's been reported that the Bucks could end up trading Lopez at some point this summer. Lopez has just one year remaining on his contract with the Bucks and is seemingly a natural trade candidate if the team wanted to retool their frontcourt.

What's surprising is not that the Bucks are open to trading Lopez, it's the fact that a team like the Spurs would be interested.

How would the San Antonio Spurs operate with Brook Lopez?

On paper, it's tough to see what type of role Lopez would play with the Spurs. I supposed he could work as a backup center, but would the Spurs be trading for a difference-maker for Lopez to be a backup? That's the true question. If that's not the case, then you can't help but wonder if the Spurs might be interested in acquiring Lopez with the idea of playing him alongside Wemby in mind.

Of all the potential scenarios that lead Lopez to San Antonio, that would be amongst the most intriguing. Could San Antonio be open to the idea of playing Wemby at the power forward position on a full-time basis? That could be an interesting experiment that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich could have up his sleeve heading into the start of next season.

Another layer to this entire rumor revolves around what it would cost for the Spurs to acquire Lopez. You'd have to think that if Lopez is indeed going to be shopped by the Bucks that there will be a strong market for him.

In that event, you have to wonder just how interested the Spurs would be in making a move for Lopez. Either way, it's another element to think about heading into the start of NBA Free Agency for the Spurs.

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