NBA Trade Rumors: Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat whispers are getting stronger

The Miami Heat could be preparing to trade Kyle Lowry ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Their target could be somewhat surprising.
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NBA Trade Rumors: The Terry Rozier to the Miami Heat trade whispers are getting louder and louder.

Battling inconsistencies for much of the season, the Miami Heat are a team in the Eastern Conference that desperately needs to make a move ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Of course, that's if they have any plans on making another deep run in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

One player that the team has been increasingly linked to is Terry Rozier, who is having a career year with the Charlotte Hornets.

Over the last few days, the whispers surrounding a potential deal that would send Rozier to the Miami Heat are gaining more and more traction. It started with the report that the Heat is exploring the option of trading Kyle Lowry ahead of the February 8 trade deadline. Rozier had been linked to the Heat in the past and it became increasingly interesting that it was also recently reported that Rozier actually prefers a trade to the Heat if moved by the deadline.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst also recently gave wind to the notion that Rozier is a name to watch for the Heat as they inch closer to the potential of moving on from Lowry.

Can the Miami Heat close the deal? Do the Miami Heat want to close the deal?

There have also been other whispers surrounding the idea of the Heat upgrading the point guard position ahead of the deadline. But again, all the smoke could signal the Heat inching closer to making a deal but if Miami isn't ready to pull the trigger, none of this matters.

The Heat has reportedly been close to getting a deal done before. Over the last few years, they've fallen short on numerous occasions. What's different this time around? That's a good question. Maybe desperation? Maybe no other real options?

The next couple of weeks could prove to be interesting for the Heat. Rozier may not be a premier name perhaps Heat fans hoped they'd be getting as a final piece of a championship puzzle but, at this point, it may be better than any other option the front office realistically has at its disposal.

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Theoretically, Rozier makes the team better. Ultimately, for the Heat, it may come down to this: does the Heat believe that a move for Rozier makes them that much better to warrant giving up the assets it's going to take to get a deal done? I have a feeling we're going to find out fairly soon.