New York Knicks: 5 Supporting stars to target at trade deadline after Anunoby trade

The New York Knicks still have the assets to make another splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline.
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Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

If the New York Knicks aren't that excited about the possibility of adding a one-dimensional guard off the bench, perhaps they'd be more willing to take a gamble on arguably the best glue guard in the Association. Enter Alex Caruso. There's no guarantee that the Chicago Bulls even want to trade him at this moment but if they do get to that point, Caruso is going to be arguably the most sought-after role player heading into the NBA Trade Deadline.

Caruso is one of the best and most underrated two-way guards in the league and has truly grown into his own over the last couple of offseasons with the Bulls. Caruso is averaging a career-high 10 points, four rebounds, and three assists on 51 percent shooting from the field and 43 percent shooting from 3-point range.

Caruso is a player that could become extremely valuable to a team like the Knicks. He could thrive in a bench role or even be inserted into the starting 5 if needed. Because of his defensive prowess, Caruso would be able to play next to Jalen Brunson as a starter or a closer, or even lead the charge with the second unit.