Polarizing wing could emerge as 'backup' trade plan for Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers could be prepared to make quite a bold move this offseason.
Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks - Game Two
Philadelphia 76ers v New York Knicks - Game Two / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

If the Philadelphia 76ers strike out on a superstar wing, they could pivot toward an unlikely backup option via trade.

After an injury-riddled end to their season, the Philadelphia 76ers will be entering the offseason with the priority of finding another All-Star level player who could help push Tyrese Maxey, Joel Embiid, and the Sixers to another level this season. If they are to be successful in their attempts, there's no reason to believe why the Sixers can't reemerge next season as a championship contender in the Eastern Conference.

However, finding the right supporting third star could prove to be easier said than done. But that's the goal the Sixers will have this summer.

Who will be atop the offseason wishlist for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Heading into the NBA offseason, you'd think that big-name players such as Paul George and Brandon Ingram would be atop the Sixers' wishlist. With the recent reporting surrounding OG Anunoby and the New York Knicks, I suppose you have to throw his name in the mix as well. Realistically speaking, and just based on pure probabilities, there's a reasonable chance that Philadelphia misses on their preferred trade targets.

According to a recent report, if that does end up happening, it could lead the Sixers to pivot to an unlikely "backup" plan. Per this report, the Sixers could end up exploring a move for Zach LaVine of all players if they miss out on their preferred targets.

On the surface, it could prove to be quite the fall from pursuing a move for PG and even Ingram to LaVine. However, at this point, it may not be as bad as a "backup" option as many will perceive it to be.

LaVine didn't work in Chicago at least partly because he was asked to embrace a role that he probably wasn't best suited for. LaVine as a No. 1 option in today's NBA doesn't really work; which was evident by his time with the Bulls. However, LaVine as the No. 3 option with the Sixers next to Maxey and Embiid could make a ton more sense.

Even more so considering LaVine is likely going to be playing with a big chip on his shoulder heading into this season. If the Sixers exit the offseason by adding LaVine and a few strong supporting role players around Embiid and Maxey wouldn't be the worst-case scenario for the team.

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