Ranking 7 Teams in the best position to stop a Boston Celtics dynasty

Which teams are in the best postion to stop the Boston Celtics from repeating next season?
New York Knicks v Boston Celtics
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Ranking seven teams in the NBA that may be in the best position to stop a Boston Celtics dynasty from forming.

After one of the most dominating NBA Championship runs in recent history, the Boston Celtics are likely going to be the favorite to repeat in 2024-25. The Celtics were not just built to win one championship; they were built to win multiple. As many begin to try to anoint the Celtics as the league's next dynasty, it's only natural to think of which possible teams can stop that from happening.

In this article, we'll rank seven teams in the best position to stop the Celtics from becoming the NBA's next dynasty.

7. Los Angeles Lakers

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers aren't currently built to win an NBA Championship, this is a team that will be entering the offseason with plenty of assets to add another All-Star talent to help raise the ceiling for the team next year. If the Lakers can add another All-Star player, there's no reason why the Lakers can't compete for a title next season. If LeBron James and Anthony Davis can remain healthy, the Lakers are going to be a force in the Western Conference.

Without knowing what move or moves the Lakers will make this offseason, it's hard to rank them any higher than No. 7 on this list. However, under the assumption that a move is coming, the Lakers could be a threat next season to take down the Celtics.