Ranking 8 superstars that may be in play for Los Angeles Lakers this offseason

There could be a few superstars in play for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

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3. Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

There has been much speculation surrounding the idea that the Atlanta Hawks will either have to choose between trading Trade Young and Dejounte Murray or moving both during the offseason. It remains to be seen if those reports will end up being accurate or how the Hawks will make that decision but it's pretty clear that if they want to lean into a complete rebuild, trading Young almost has to be the decision. However, that could end up being easier said than done.

If the Hawks end up trading Young, the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to be one of the teams involved in a potential bidding war. Whether or not the Lakers will have enough trade assets to get a deal done remains to be seen but there's no question that they're going to have interest. And, in a vacuum, the trio of Young, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis fits almost perfectly.

There's a scenario in which Young is the biggest name moved during the offseason. And with the Lakers on the prowl, it's hard to deny that they're going to have a chance to land Young in a potential trade.