When does the 2024 NBA All-Star Break officially end and the games resume?

The push toward the playoffs will officially begin with the 2024 NBA All-Star Break ends.
Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers
Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

When does the 2024 NBA All-Star Break officially end and when do the regular season games resume? We break it all down.

Now that the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend is officially over, culminating in Damian Lillard winning the MVP of the NBA All-Star Game, it's only natural to wonder when the NBA All-Star Break ends and when the action across the league resumes. Even though the All-Star Weekend has come and gone, fans are going to have to wait a few more days before the regular season action resumes in the NBA.

The NBA All-Star Break ends Wednesday, with a full slate of games coming on Thursday night. On Thursday, February 22, 24 of the 30 teams will be back in action. Once the action resumes across the league, it will officially spark the start of the push toward the playoffs. With much at stake for many teams over the last two months of the regular season, it's natural that there is so much intrigue heading into the final 30-ish games of the season.

How many games are left in the regular season?

Most teams have between 26 and 29 games left in the regular season before the playoffs begin. For some teams, they'll be looking to cement their seeding heading into the postseason. For others, perhaps some of the top contenders in both conferences, they're just looking to close out the season on a high note and with a full bill of health.

And then you have the teams that already are looking toward the offseason, whether that be getting an early look at the 2024 NBA Draft Class or perhaps teams that are starting to draft out potential plans for free agency.

Either way, every team in the league will have a specific plan as it pertains to the final stretch of the season. On many different fronts, how teams close out the regular season will certainly have an impact on how each organization is going to approach the offseason.

With the NBA Playoffs quickly approaching, the intrigue around the Association is only going to grow over the course of the next few weeks. Interestingly enough, the stage is set for perhaps one of the most intriguing playoff brackets in recent history, certainly in the Western Conference.

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At least out West, you can make a strong argument for at least six teams that could seemingly make deep playoff runs. In the East, aside from the Boston Celtics, there is very little certainty. The final few weeks of the NBA's regular season will prove to be quite interesting, and it's set to begin in a few days.