NBA Trade Rumors: DeMar DeRozan could ask out of Chicago this summer

Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) /

NBA Trade Rumors: There are rumblings that suggest DeMar DeRozan could ask out of Chicago as soon as this offseason.

To say that the first 31 games of the Chicago Bulls season haven’t gone as planned would be a massive understatement. The Bulls are five games under .500 and haven’t shown much hope that they’ll be able to turn their season around.

What makes it all the more complicated is the fact that the Bulls are a relatively veteran-laden roster. Generally, the losing magnifies even the smallest of inconveniences. Nevertheless, the Bulls aren’t having fun and there appear to be some major issues that are being magnified by the losses.

There are rumblings that things are not in a great place in the locker room and it could boil over to personnel decisions heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. While it still would be surprising to see the Bulls make a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline, we could perhaps be getting to a point where we can’t completely count out the possibility.

And another recent report suggests that it could get worse before it gets better for the Bulls. Per Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes, it’s gotten so bad that DeMar DeRozan could end up asking for a trade during the offseason.

Is it the beginning of the end for the Chicago Bulls?

The noise surrounding the Bulls has gotten so loud that you can’t help but think that this could be the end of this current incarnation of the Bulls. DeRozan, Zach LaVine, and Alex Caruso have all seen their names come up in the rumor mill over the last handful of days.

Now that doesn’t mean the Bulls are entertaining these rumors or that they’re 100 percent true but it’s certainly something to think about. And, generally, especially in the NBA, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

And if this season does indeed end in disaster or disappointment, which is the way it is currently trending, would it be that surprising if there are major moves made by the Bulls during the offseason?

Two summers ago, when the Bulls put together this team, the belief was that the Bulls would, at the very least, be competitive in the Eastern Conference. Through a season and a half, that really hasn’t been the case aside from the first 35 games of last season.

The wheels quickly came off and the Bulls now have a look of a team that may be stuck in mediocrity.

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I’m not sure what’s next for the Bulls but it seems as if major changes are coming eventually.