1 Word to summarize every team's performance at the NBA Trade Deadline

NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Impactful Moves & One-Word Descriptions
Detroit Pistons v Utah Jazz
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Chicago Bulls: Unacceptable

The Bulls refuse to make trades. It's actually bonkers. The last trade the Chicago Bulls were a part of was the trade that sent Lauri Markkanen to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2021. For a historic franchise with the likes of the Bulls, this is not acceptable.

The Bulls should be either looking to compete or looking to fully rebuild. The sticking in the middle of no man's land is truly awful to watch. This team is not competitive and it felt like this was a season where this team could really start to lay the foundation for a rebuild, but here we are, another missed opportunity for the Bulls to do anything to give this team a direction. Unacceptable and ownership needs to be held accountable for the lack of action.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Calm

The Cavaliers are on fire. They are winning games and are within earshot of beating the franchises' all-time winning streak of 13 games. They are currently at nine. The Cavs chose to sit out the trade deadline. It's not super surprising, seeing as though they didn't have much to work with.

The team is thin, but they are winning regardless. The Cavs had a very calm deadline. They weren't part of many rumors, they didn't entertain many rumors, and they find themselves in a great position to make a considerable play in the playoffs.