The Golden State Warriors are red-hot but their ceiling isn't as high as many believe

The Golden State Warriors have been on a roll recently, but how good is this team and how far can they go?
Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors
Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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What is the Warriors’ ceiling?

So how good are the Golden State Warriors? Is their recent run a sign that they have solved their issues and are ready to make another run at a championship?

I’d say probably not. The Warriors do a lot of things well offensively and any team led by Stephen Curry is scary even if he isn't the same player he was during his prime. Since the Warriors are really good on this end of the floor and they have one of the best scorers on the planet, they can definitely make it past the play-in and give playoff defenses a challenge.

However, their offense has its limitations. This is not the same Warriors team that won multiple championships in the 2010s. They don’t have a lot of guys who can handle the basketball and Klay Thompson is entering the twilight of his career. If the Warriors face specific matchups in the playoffs, like a team that navigates off-ball screens well, their offense could struggle a little bit.

Their defense is a huge question mark as well. Draymond Green has been an excellent defender this year but as a team, the Warriors struggle to protect the rim, they are not very good at stopping pick-and-rolls, and they are average in one-on-one situations.

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The Warriors are a solid team that is in the middle of a really impressive win streak, but their ceiling is probably quite low. Their shortcomings as a team are just too much to ignore and they have a lot of qualities that will make them better in the regular season than the playoffs.