LA Clippers could turn to unlikely star guard if Paul George leaves in free agency

The LA Clippers could already have their eyes on a potential replacement for Paul George.
Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Clippers v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

With the growing chance that Paul George may leave in free agency, the LA Clippers may already have their eyes on his possible replacement.

After a disappointing end to their season, the LA Clippers will have to decide whether they want to keep their core intact or if they want to explore some big changes. While there has been some speculation about what the Clippers will do, no one knows for sure how they will approach this summer until it arrives.

One of the first decisions for the Clippers will revolve around how they want to approach a potential Paul George contract extension. As a free agency, PG has the freedom to explore other offers. And if the recent reports regarding LA's "low-ball" offer, perhaps PG could genuinely be preparing to test the open market this offseason.

And if PG ends up leaving the Clippers, it could leave LA in a spot where they have to try to find a replacement for the All-Star wing. With how things are currently trending, perhaps this is a scenario that the Clippers may already be preparing for.

According to Michael Scotto of Hoopshype, the Clippers could look at DeMar DeRozan as a possible replacement for PG if he were to leave in free agency. DeRozan is a free agent this summer and even though he has made it clear he would like to return to Chicago, it would make much sense for him to explore other options. The Bulls are likely headed toward another retooling of the roster and at this point in his career, it makes much more sense for DeRozan to sign with a contender.

The LA Clippers could emerge as a suitor for DeMar DeRozan

The Clippers could be viewed as just that for DeRozan. The question is, would both sides agree with that assertion during the offseason? At the very least, both could emerge as an option for each other. But an almost perfect storm would have to play out for the Clippers and DeRozan this offseason for their respective roads to lead to each other.

Nevertheless, all of a sudden, there's a growing chance that both PG and DeRozan could emerge as two of the most sought-after free agents this summer. If the Clippers were to pursue DeRozan, any deal that would come to fruition would likely have to come in the way of a sign and trade.

In fact, if DeRozan wants to find his way to a contender, any scenario likely would have to involve a sign and trade. It now appears that the Clippers could emerge as a potential landing spot for DeRozan.

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