NBA Rumors: Predicting offseason blueprints for Lakers, Pelicans, and Suns

NBA Playoff Upsets: Major Stars Out Early and Offseason Outlook for Lakers, Suns, Pelicans
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
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Phoenix Suns

Blueprint in the Desert - cut 'em some slack, let's run it back

  • Bring in a new head coach
  • Stabilize the core
  • Run it back

The Phoenix Suns flamed out of the first round in glorious fashion. The team never truly seemed to gel. The Timberwolves were more competitive and were clearly the better team on the court. Many fans will want drastic changes and I've been there as a Celtics fan myself. This team has ALL the talent in the world to get it done, so it's frustrating when they fall this short.

One big change the team can make right now is to fire Frank Vogel. I never wish ill will on anyone and never hope anyone loses their job, but when you're not doing your job well, it's time to move on. Vogel is not the best head coach for this team. He has a strong defensive mind, but that's not what this team needs. Durant, Booker, and Beal are all offensive juggernauts. The team should find a coach that maximizes their strengths rather than trying to mask their weaknesses.

The bench depth for the Suns is tough to gauge. Eric Gordon and Royce O'Neale are the only "consistent" and reliable pieces coming off the bench. Drew Eubanks is serviceable but he'll be a free agent this offseason. The Suns haven't had the money to bring in top-tier free agents. This offseason it is paramount that they find cheap/veteran pieces that fit around their big three.

Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal can win together. I believe it. The Suns believe it and the organization needs to make sure that the three of them do too. Adding better-fitting veterans around the big three will show that this team is buying in on their guys. Keeping KD is a must. Keeping Booker is a must. The team is good. They just need more reliable pieces around the big three and a new head coach to show them the way. This team does not need any major moves - just stay the course.

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