NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Expendable difference-maker on every team ahead of trade deadline

Exploring one expendable difference-maker on every team that could be moved ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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Miami Heat

Expendable difference-maker: Caleb Martin

The Miami Heat are an interesting team that could have some big decisions to make heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. They need to make a move for a star player but may not want to do so if it comes at the expense of their entire depth. It's one of the special parts of the team that allows them to continue to be competitive despite a disappointing offseason. However, Caleb Martin immediately jumps out as a player who could be viewed as expendable moving forward.

Considering that Martin has struggled to find consistency out of the gate and that the Heat hasn't missed him all that much, there's an argument to be made that they could or would be fine without him in the rotation. Add in the emergence of rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Haywood Highsmith, and the fact that Martin could opt out of his contract to test free agency after this season, and Martin is a natural trade candidate for Miami.

If the Heat is looking to make a move to add a more conventional big or depth to their backcourt, Martin is one of the more likely candidates to be moved by the team at the trade deadline.