NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Teams most likely to get swindled at the trade deadline

NBA Trade Deadline: Four Teams Vulnerable to Deals
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Team most likely to be swindled: New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have already made a trade for OG Anunoby. The dividends from that trade are already paying off. This team is a UNIT with Anunoby seamlessly fitting in on both ends of the court. However, the Knicks still feel a little behind the true contenders in the East.

The Knicks are included on this list because even after the Anunoby trade, they still have a decent amount of assets to dangle to selling teams, and they are still a move or two away from being in the conversation with the Sixers, Bucks, and Celtics. Meaning, the Knicks have the means to overpay.

The Knicks don't need another star to add to this team, but it wouldn't hurt their postseason chances if they were to. Conceivably, the Knicks would have to include young wing Quentin Grimes in any trade, along with Evan Fournier's salary and some draft picks (which depends on the player they are looking to acquire).

Make no mistake about it, that is a hefty price to pay. It might be a price the Knicks have to be comfortable paying. This team is on the cusp of doing something special this season. To keep the good times rolling, the Knicks will most likely have to out-bid other teams from acquiring the players they are pursuing. Jerami Grant, Malcolm Brogdon, Dejounte Murray? The Knicks are going to have to lose a lot now, to win big in the long run.