Steve Kerr's extension may hint at what the Golden State Warriors' future holds

Steve Kerr's extension with the Golden State Warriors may reveal that a rebuild isn't on the horizon.

Golden State Warriors v Indiana Pacers
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Steve Kerr's extension with the Golden State Warriors may have eliminated all belief of a possible rebuild on the horizon for the franchise.

With how this season has gone for the Golden State Warriors, there was a growing chance that this franchise that was once considered a perennial championship contender was in very much need of a rebuild. Led by an aging core of players, there were natural whispers that this could finally be the offseason where big changes are made. Even more so after the Warriors elected not to make a splash move at the NBA Trade Deadline and, instead, decided the right move was to ride out the season with this core.

Even though the Warriors have played better of late, it'd have to take a near-miraculous effort to erase the early-season hole Golden State dug themselves into. With less than 30 games left in the regular season, the Warriors are ranked 10th in the West standings. In a possible best-case scenario, Golden State plays its way into the postseason via the West's Play-In Tournament. In a worst-case scenario, the Warriors miss the playoffs entirely while facing some huge questions heading into the offseason.

However, thanks to a recent contract extension between the Warriors and head coach Steve Kerr, perhaps we already know one big answer for the Warriors heading into the summer - and it's that a rebuild is not happening anytime soon.

A rebuild may not be on the horizon for the Golden State Warriors after all

Even despite the team's struggles this season, I can't imagine the Warriors signing Kerr to an extension with the idea of rebuilding the roster. At the same time, I don't think Kerr agreed to this extension to be the head of a complete rebuild heading into the offseason. I'm not sure if Kerr is at the point in his career where he's all that eager to hit the reset button.

For those who believed that a Warriors rebuild could very much be on the horizon, I think it's safe to say that those pipe dreams are now over. Instead, I think it's equally fair to say that the Warriors are likely going to head into the offseason with the hope of retooling the roster around their core - most certainly Stephen Curry, at the very least.

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The verdict is still out on Klay Thompson but with Curry and Draymond Green still under contract, and with Kerr signing an extension, you'd have to imagine that the Warriors are ready to rebuild just yet.