NBA Rumors: 15 Bold but completely realistic predictions heading into 2024 NBA Draft

A few bold predictions for the 2024 NBA Draft.
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It will be reported that the Darius Garland trade market will be explore this summer

By the time the 2024 NBA Draft rolls around, there's a good chance that the Donovan Mitchell situation is already going to be sorted out for the Cleveland Cavaliers. If that's the way things end up playing out, that would put the team in an excellent position heading into the NBA Draft because they would be able to move on to the second portion of their priority list for the official start of the offseason.

If Mitchell signs, or at least makes it clear that he's going to agree to a long-term extension with the team, I predict that the Darius Garland trade whispers are going to grow. I don't think Cleveland theoretically wants to trade Garland, but I do believe his representation could end up seeking a trade if Mitchell does end up signing a long-term extension this offseason.

In a vacuum, Garland isn't a great fit next to Mitchell and he might never reach his full potential if he is playing next to another ball-dominant guard. At the NBA Draft, I fully expect the Garland trade market to begin to be explored (if Mitchell signs an extension).