NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Game-changing targets the 76ers need to prioritize this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers add stars to bolster championship aspirations.
New Orleans Pelicans v Brooklyn Nets
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NBA Trade Rumors: 4 game-changing trade targets the 76ers should prioritize heading into the offseason.

The Philadelphia 76ers' season, marred by injuries, ended somewhat unceremoniously. Despite expectations of a deep playoff run, their first-round loss to the formidable New York Knicks isn't entirely disheartening. The 76ers gave a strong fight against a legitimate contender. Nevertheless, the sting of another early playoff exit is undeniable.

The 76ers navigated a season repeatedly disrupted by injuries. Although Joel Embiid returned from injury towards the season's end, it quickly became clear in the series against the Knicks that more than Embiid’s heroics would be necessary to secure a win. Tyrese Maxey rose to the occasion, firmly establishing himself as Embiid’s indispensable second-in-command.

The Sixers need more firepower. Fortunately, they enter the offseason with significant cap space and valuable draft picks, poised to make strategic moves. The team should aim to recruit a third star to complement Embiid and Maxey, capitalizing on their current window of opportunity.

Trade targets the Philadelphia 76ers should prioritize

Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

Expect the New Orleans Pelicans to be active this offseason. The Pelicans' Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, David Griffin, said so himself. The Pelicans are a team that's a bit stuck. It's interesting because the sheer talent on the roster should suggest they are closer to contending than they are not, however, that has not been the case.

Unfortunately for Nola, the pairing of Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram hasn't worked, leading to major trade speculation. Ingram will be playing on the last year of his contract, which might indicate the Pels would listen in on below-market value trade offers for the wing/forward. Regardless, the 76ers should go all-in on a trade for Ingram.

Brandon Ingram would join forces with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, instantly forming one of the most dynamic offenses in the NBA. Ingram can create for himself and others. He can also play serviceable defense. Ingram offers the Sixers a more consistent forward option - something they've been needing desperately. Joel Embiid is not getting any younger or healthier, this might be the best chance to add the necessary talent to maximize a Championship window.

Philly has the cap space to take him on in full with no outgoing salary. Could the Sixers use a first-round pick or two to seal the deal? If they can, they should.